twitter poetics

These brown bones speak in marrow, sienna toned lips utter thatch-tongued clavicle tangles to soft rain-soaked earth

Disambiguated semiotics translated through xerox of a xerox copy mouth
Photonic ambience, electric mood rings wrapped/ wrapped in warped wood/ gift wrapped in luminescence
Goose-prickles shudder-curled toes lean on infestisimal decimated curved-light rusted railings

See ripples in textual puddles\connection thread theories\yellow knowledge drip\reptilian brain stems\sprouts, flowers

Elicit theta thoughts\ bringing fresh hay\limitless perimeters\what you didn’t\perceive dirt concepts\loamy cerebellum

Rose, bloomed into synaptic\vibration thick ether\mind loaded with photosynthetic longings\drought ending rain discourse

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