Twitter Moleskin #2

single flesh

searing syllogisms and synthesis farces

first flutter after anasthesia anaphoras

cluttered cortex cupboards

phonemes split like atoms

disjoined across lips

from yours to Allah’s sacred ears

cracked teeth crumble into soundless dust

clouds rest

scribe musings through screens

into intention

and action/react consensually in

smoked out contexts

write hexidecimal love letters to me

when skies flip frenzied wingtips

face brush with fingertips

feel stew meat fried sweets

the wall in this room is too much

gold dust sloughed through

slipped buckets fall cancerously

feckless fingerings of labial folds

dangerous glances through slivered/silvered eyelids

swept leavings detritus

rub baby’s cheeks with cigarette ashes

traces of remembered pain

light tangles photons in eyelashes

falling dust

fall from graces

left no traces

hemmorrhagic sorrow

Jesus wept. swept floors

containing transactional bristles

vibrating eyes(lenses) flicker to single shoes

along roadsides

the result of tangled cerebellum tongues

released/ unbound through

frenulum lacerations

brass quills leave

butterfly twistings of currents

inside mid november pumpkin guts

unstill waverings against skin

nervously twinned

events unfold

contents and flesh

diasporic leavings

I saw the hermit before he climbed the mountain

his shoestrings were where I belong

somatic tintabulations swerve

treachouerously close to scent-

laden tabula rasas from blank oligarchs to painted presidents



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