Psyche’s Box

In an attractive case; the complex compulsion

of hyper-threaded phobias

cripple preoccupation.


in a repulsive instance; the simplified, ritualistic aversion to interpreted

transmissions and assembled singular

phases shift, shiver, sharpen.


As angular momentum establishes

perpendicular force, so

neuroses beget enthrallment,

beget slavery; broken

Sisyphian seduction.


Built to bewilder, designed

to entrance; doors suck shut,

flow seepage, suppuration

dammed, frigid force.

burst spurt, whimper tap, out

postern apertures rupture:



Gravitation, fascination

found fumbling, found frenzied,

enjoined enslavement;

quickened fingers innervate arousal

trembling digits, sweaty centers;

staring eyes



Dynamism forms dyads,

generates fissures,

breaks, cleaves,

breaches, cracks,

disjoins, rends,

splits apart,

shatters — perception.

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