Nephalim in Wallpaper Hats

Nephalim in wallpaper hats.


Velvet heave-tumble through theta-wave

form thoughts in vertex permutations

reveal nephalim in wallpaper hats.

The causation,


Wailing paper-gowned ashy-kneed women


What is blurted from thick lips and aperturic eyes cannot not know what is observed is uncertain because of the observation and the created knowledge of the mob cannot be ascertained through the moldy tea leaves you left behind in Tangiers

You’ve enacted intention, now.

Now the words flow out of your waterfall mouth into

Scintillating drudgery-of-tongue vibrations

heart beating stasis-fast,

can an infinite power become still as buddah?

Singular pause:

frenzied lingual fronting

                                                                                                            depair smiles.

Disingenuous purpose of inhabited excavations through touches and formats and between us is air with a high resistance to electrical arcing. Reached through leaves and sheaves and bloody locks, trying to touch that no-thing-ness between perception and intent.

Of the void you carry in your pocket, fondling it with your fingers.

You always make sure to show it off when we are together, it makes me uncomfortable, you know that.


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