The Interior
Hardened veins no longer carry their charmed charge
Folded, forlorn—left; decapitated head searching for
a long neck. Sees sky shadows shifting:
clouds conform to testosterone turbulence
Acid rain regulates atmospheric pressure: oblate spheroid
Full: of abscesses and anachronistic amplitude upheaval
→chloroform lack, left behind: fell backside flipped flipside, sodden

Thoreau trod through tender-footed forests
Trotskyites trod through asphalt bombed out post-war Paris
She stumbles, skin sagged—crinkled tissue paper around
Empty eyes, lack latitudinal awareness. Sockets broke clavicles
Within soft October earth ₵₣ old-growth oligarchical boots greet earth
Membranous detritus, planet floor
Sitting picnic tables, philosophy crumbling from
Thick lips holding thin tongues and hard teeth
Chattering under ceilings of clouds
E=Mc2 nuclear birth cum death

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