Hypercube (in process)

Hypercube(In Process)

N=anything as
An approach as I approach n
Limit—stopping point, n=0
terminal ethnography.

Simplex face-lattice.
Felt laterally, fucked languid.
Face-first into liminality four square.

Lithospheric shift into enumeration
and applicable algorithm
Euclidean coordinates.
This painting of an orange 25 years ago.
It’s the 59th street bridge song.
Remember: the curves that intersect
have an infinite radius

After multiple exponent upward shift
Group linear fractional transformations
Flip your paper, son
This is more than a two-dimensional complex sub-space
Where you cry, alone
When you hug your knees in the corner
You can’t cover your ears
Dad’s screaming

Your skull vibrates
You hear like a snake
Hypnotic patterns of fractal
Geometric equational susurrus

This emotional calculus consists
Space, time, motion
Tangential to an arbitrary point along ∱(x)
Every moment n approaches
Understanding vector components
You see where this is going

The door slams shut
Mom’s mascara is dripping like black blood
Curved cheekbones seem to contain
Cartesian coordinates
Areas of hippocampus campesinos
The occupied space is unoccupied
When vectors shift the equation must change.

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