Circuitous paths between majestic elm trees
with cathedral arms
towering over concrete.
Moving, shuffling feet
entombed within leather so(u)les
—wrapped upon the door while
patios shift: tilt wooden(ly)
walls push down—upon chests
—heavy—with breath, discordant
rattles and wheezing, a
Navajo rainstick: sweat lodged plains
Visions of coyote pursuing prey
Visions of music tumbling earward
Visions of hide-wrapped drums vibrating
Visions of limbs, sweat, hanging hair
Visions of frenzied feet and beats
Visions of Saint Ignatius, resplendent in purple
Visions of glossy black capacitive touch screens
Visions of active liquid crystal displays lit
By organic light emitting diodes.
“staccato signals of constant information”

Diaphanous yearnings combat
ranks upon ranks of stone soldiers
spent in paint, colorful arms, while
my stone children bend granite,
metamorphic synthesis near magma pockets.
This world is hylozoic.
Knees rest upon rough pine boards, wirelessly
transmitted packets, sent into jungles;
sent into canopies, recidivistic redwoods.

Reciprocity effect, caused by metallic
whirring gods we made
Dynamic deities—
our soulful(l) slaves—they serve
self— mastery of za-zen.

Our servitors of multi-tasking caught
hyper-threaded spider webs.
Transported hyperion flies
fall into pre-formed salted cocoons.
Kept : on a metal shelf
under a paper sign
Like the fabled albino raven.
Like the spirit stag.
Like the legendary masked raccoon.
Climbing—face down—the burnt elm.

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